Christian Comes


I was born in Spain, from German/Spanish parents, and lived in Alicante for my first 25 years. Headed over to Germany, where I worked at Siemens before joining SANYO/Panasonic in the photovoltaic division, in 2005.


I have a degree in Electronics from the University in Valencia (UPV).


While always amazed at the beauty of sailing, living in Germany and having only short vacation periods, added to the very high cost of any decently-sized sailing boat has stopped me for a long time from spending more time at the coast or sailing.


Ever since solar power became affordable, the engineer in me has wanted to combine both areas of expertise. With the help of my father, in 2013 this dream has become reality.


Dieter Comes


Originally from Düsseldorf, Germany, I have spent over 35 years in Spain.


I have been working with fiberglass and polyester all my life, from 1974, when I home-made the boat where I lived with my familiy for several years, a 16-meter sailing boat, to 2012.


I have worked several years making molds to fabricate wings used in the wind energy industry. I also spent long periods working on different parts of the commercial naval construction.


In the 90s and early 00s, I invented the Strongplank system, a material to make one-off ships easily in sandwich technology.


Based in Alicante and Kiel, I look forward to enjoying sailing without the hassle or physical hardness of sails and wind navigation, but also without the noise, smell, cost and emissions of motorboats.

The team behind 3OCEANS











































Photovoltaic Material Suppliers




Panasonic HIT is, hands down, the most advanced solar technology on the market. Highest efficiency, great temperature performance and additional cell insulation makes this solar panel the best choice for naval applications. Ever since solar became affordable, there is no reason to use a worse product in this key application. Disclaimer: I work for Panasonic :-).




Technosun is a pioneer of the solar technology in Spain since over 30 years. They have supplied us at great prices solar panels, wiring, battery charging equipment, and as well the Torqeedo motor and battery bank. Gracias Antonio!




Solar installer of the region Murcia, supplied the DC/AC part, connection box, 12V adapter and many a useful piece of advice. Gracias Juanjo!




When it comes to E-motors, there is little choice other than Torqeedo. Their motors have electronic switching technology, which reduces maintenance to nearly zero. They also reach power levels that go beyond the small fishing boat and allow easy installation and operation for vessels up to 4 tons. Their Li-Ion battery system promises a long-life of comfortable operation.


Building Team


Javi, Jose Luis, Cebolla. They worked hard, winter and summer, to help us finish our boat in record time. Always cooperative, friendly and with ideas that made ICAROS a better boat. Local Vega Baja folks, friends, family.




Karin Comes: Designer, photographer and internet expert, Karin designed the logo and is responsible for the nice pictures of ICAROS- Christian Comes made the rest.

Maria Luz Pena: She created the interior design together with Karin Comes.






















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